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The Institute shall be issuing tender enquiries for procurement of various equipments and stores as may be required from time to time for its growth and smooth functioning. The procurements shall be made in a transparent and fair manner. However, consistently high and strict standards in technology and services shall be maintained ALWAYS in all procurements by the Institute. No manipulations at any stage shall be allowed in pushing through non-standard materials.

Interested vendors having the required credentials and having potentials to meet the expectations of the Institute may post their details expressing their interests.

new 03D17 eTender CAMC and operation of 1600 KVA substation and its equipment
  Providing installation, operation and maintenance of 1500 KVA DG Set on hire basis round the clock (24 X  7 days) for emergency supply at Delhi State Cancer Institute (East) Dilshad Garden Delhi
  Replacement of old defective cooling tower and condenser pipe line, air handing unit and other associated low side work for the existing 3 X 390 TR HVAC plant at DSCI (East)
  Providing industrial power socket with plug (Metalic) and sub main for operation of newly installed split type AC unit i/c replacement of old/defective fuse switch upto 250 Amp at DSCI (E), Dilshad Garden, Delhi
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